Customized Design + Funnel Setup
Fast-Track Your Next Funnel Launch With a Customized Design & Setup!
  • Eliminate the "Tech Stress" By Having A ClickFunnels Certified Partner Set Up Your Funnel Correctly The First Time
  • Use Our Comprehensive Launch Checklist To Make Sure Your Funnel Is Ready To Start Sending Traffic
  • Get A Professional Look For Your Funnel, Even If You're Not a Designer!
  • Avoid "Cookie Cutter" Designs That Turn Away Potential Customers
  • Re-Use Your Customized Design to Build Faster In The Future!
  • Don't Get Stuck For Weeks On Your Design - Get Your Customized Design In As Little As 5 Days
Customized Design + Setup
  • Design Customization
  • Up to 3 Funnel Pages
  • Up to 3 Revisions
  •  Funnel Setup
  •  Launch Checklist
  • NO Funnel Strategy
  •  NO Copywriting
  • NO Custom CSS
  • NO Custom Graphics
  • NO Funnel Analysis
You Know What Funnel You Need
We won't provide strategic funnel consulting with this package, so we're assuming you've done the research to identify which funnel you should be using for your specific business. 
You Don't Want To Worry About The Tech Setup
You don't want to miss a critical step in your funnel setup that could cause you to miss out on leads and sales. You want it set up correctly the first time with full transparency on what was done, so you never feel like you're being held hostage by a "tech guy". 
The Funnel Is Built In Your CF Account
Your funnel should already be built out in your ClickFunnels account - all of your funnel steps should be built and you're happy with the structure of each page, as well as the type and location of the page elements. We won't change page layout (sections, rows, columns) and we won't change the type or location of elements on your pages. 
Your Funnel Design Doesn't Match Your Brand
Your existing funnel doesn't use your branding, colors, or images. You need to customize the design to fit your brand.
You Purchase A Custom Funnel Package
You Complete The Client Intake Form
We Start Working On Your Project
We Deliver Your Project For Your Review
You Accept Or Request Changes in 7 Days
Your Project Is Complete!
Do You Provide Images If I Don't Have One?
Yes, if you need a stock image for a background or image element, we will provide images that are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0. We will not create or edit graphics and we will not provide social share images as part of this package. 
How Many Funnel Pages Will You Change?
This service includes up to 3 funnel pages in the same funnel. If you have more than 3 pages in a single funnel that you need to have customized, please contact us for a custom quote.
How Many Revisions Are Included?
We will allow up to 3 rounds of revisions. 
How Will You Access My ClickFunnels Account?
You can provide secure access via LastPass or we can arrange to temporarily manage your account without any need to share password information. 
Do You Provide Videos?
No, we will not provide videos. If you would like us to swap out a video on your page, you must provide the link to do so, and you take all responsibility for owning the rights to use that video. 
Do You Provide Text?
No, we will not provide any text content. If you would like us to swap out text on your page, you must provide the text to do so, and you take all responsibility for that content. 
Do You Set Button Actions or Change Links?
Yes! A package that includes Funnel Setup will help ensure that all the details of your funnel are working correctly before you start start sending traffic. 
Will You Provide Feedback On My Funnel?
No, our funnel analysis and assessment services are not included in this package. 
Before Customization
After Customization
Before Customization
After Customization

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